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Why is Love An Important Emotion and Feeling?

Love is an important emotion and feeling. Hatred exists too, but there is no reason that we should hate others. Personally, I try to accept others through a loving state of being.

Some people don’t know how to love themselves, and so they take it out on other people. They get frustrated, annoyed, or irritated. Sometimes, it goes to an extreme and people choose hate or fear over love.

Love is important because it shows that you have compassion and empathy for others’ well being. Love is a confusing subject because we still sometimes have to be careful about who we trust. Trust takes time to build up. But through a loving state of being, you can more easily connect with other people.

Hatred shows us people’s true insecurities. Hatred is expressed through envy or jealousy at times. There is nothing wrong with being jealous, but when it goes too far, it can lead to dangerous consequences. Jealousy is a normal emotion, but it is better to learn how to look into that jealousy and figure out where it is coming from.

I used to experience jealousy when I was younger. However, I learned how to overcome my mindset and be a loving, compassionate human being. It’s a struggle, but I try my best.

One of my strengths is that I never give up. The second is that I do not get angry that easily, unless something is truly wrong.

Not everyone knows what it’s like to experience unconditional love. But when you find these people, they are true gems that you should never let go. Because through unconditional love, you can spark good into your life. It’s rare to find these people, as everyone is living in their own way. So the second best option is to experience love with people who have common interests and desires. Then, you can more easily learn how to love.