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Making Passive Income Online 2019

Note: I realize that this blog post is all over the place, but I intend to keep it that way. This is mostly just to get my thoughts out on passive income. I doubt that this article will generate a lot of traffic. It’d be a miracle if I got to 100 views on this post.

I’m thinking about taking up passive income more seriously. My website has only generated a little money through AdSense. I know that there is a lot to do in terms of SEO and content in order to generate more money. But, I haven’t gotten down to the basics of how to continuously generate passive income month to month through blogging. I’m clueless as to where to start.

I know that it’s possible to make money off of your blog such as through people like Steve Pavlina. (Though Steve Pavlina stopped using AdSense, he uses affiliate marketing and donations to make money through his blog. And nowadays, he sells online courses too.) Steve suggested that I create a digital product too on music production, but I wasn’t sure how to teach music production nor figure out the logistics of it.

I think I could start somewhere simple like creating a music album or by simply returning to blogging again. But honestly, I don’t think either idea will make a lot of money unless I go through some serious marketing strategies. My music YouTube channel is only close to 700 subscribers, so potential profit is limited there.

Besides making passive income, I’d want to make sure that I’m providing enough passive value to earn that money. I’d want to make sure that whatever I am providing is worthwhile and is beneficial for the end user. Blogging fulfills that for me, though I don’t generate lots of traffic and I don’t earn lots of money through my current means (ads and Amazon product links, though I don’t think those links are generating income for me anymore since I haven’t ever made money through it and Amazon closes your account within 6 months of not generating any income).

Creating an online course seems to be the way to go. Though, I’m not sure what course to offer just yet. It could be on music production, but for something like GarageBand, I don’t know if it would generate many sales. I could see something like a music production course on LogicPro working out because those individuals are more serious about music making. But right now, I don’t use LogicPro on my computers.

I could also start up my YouTube channels again, though that hasn’t generated much income either. For song covers, my videos get demonetized and don’t generate any income at all as a result. My other videos haven’t garnered a lot of views either, so the ads don’t collect much money. I haven’t been in the mood to create vlogs or something or the sort.

I’ve dabbled with eBooks, but that hasn’t make much money either. I get a sale here and there through the year, but you could barely call it sizable income. It’s enough for spare change to buy snacks at Five Below. Then again, I haven’t aimed to write bestsellers. I’ve mostly been experimenting with it if anything.

So basically, I’m battling a few issues here. The first is that my knowledge of generating passive income is fairly limited to the basics. The second is lack of motivation to create certain kinds of digital products that will generate passive income (e.g. eBooks).

I wish that I could find some way to make passive income in a way that excites me. I haven’t blogged in a while, but that’s because I haven’t figured out what to write about. Every time I sat down to write, ideas would poof out of my head and I would stumble upon words to write and get nowhere fast. Even as I’m writing this blog post, I am stumbling over my words, not sure exactly what to write. But at least for now, blogging seems like one thing I could do in my pursuit to making passive income. I just have to figure out exactly what I’m going to write about in future blog posts.

I’d like to create an online course, though I’m stuck on the creation process. What should I teach? How much should I charge? What platform should I use, my own website or another website like Teachable? It’d be nice to set it up on my own website, though I’d have to go through the learning curve of setting up a course with usernames and online payment methods. I’d have to figure out the specifics. And honestly, that can be daunting, so maybe selling a course through a website like Teachable is better suited for me. It’d make less money, but the tradeoff is that it’d probably generate more traffic anyway than what I can make on my own website using the limited knowledge I have now.

I have to brush up on my resources for passive income generation. What I know so far is through websites such as Steve Pavlina’s. So, I’ve only dabbled into it. I don’t know much about passive income otherwise.

Real estate is another passive income opportunity, though it depends on what kind of real estate deal it is. I don’t have anywhere near the kind of money to make a significant investment that can be largely passive (such as buying 50 units in a prime location and hiring someone to manage the properties). My father suggested that I get my real estate license so that I can make money buying/selling properties for people while also being able to score on real estate deals that come my way, but it seems like a lot of work.

Passive income doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot of work. It can start off as something fun and evolve to make money over time, especially nowadays with the internet. Passive income can be simple. But generating lots of passive income seems to take time. I know people have made passive income “overnight” through creating online courses and whatnot, which is why it kind of appeals to me. But if passive income were that easy, everyone would be making it, right?

So anyway, there is my little rant on passive income and some ideas I’ve been thinking about in order to make it. I’m not sure where I’ll start and which direction I’ll go. I think I’ll see if I can make progress on the few cents I’ve generated through AdSense. I’m not sure if I’ll restart Amazon affiliate links, since the barrier is that I need to generate at least one sale to keep my account active, and generating that one sale has been a struggle so far. My Amazon affiliate account keeps closing, which means I have to generate a new username and new links each time to however many videos/blog posts I’ve been using them in. It’s a hassle. I’m not sure why Amazon does that. It’s better to keep the account active if someone has been clicking the links. But either way, I’ll be using AdSense at the very least.

I don’t have many friends who actively pursue passive income. So in terms of having a mastermind group on passive income, I’m starting from scratch here. If you or anyone else is pursuing passive income and would like to start some sort of mastermind group around it, feel free to contact me. We could start something together. Though be warned, I am quite a newbie when it comes to passive income. So, there isn’t much I could share with you other than ideas and letting you know what other people have done to generate passive income. It’s a start though, right? Better somewhere than nowhere.

How to Generate Passive Income

There are many different ways to pursue passive income. Personally, I have been learning to generate passive income through different streams. Here are some ideas for how you can generate some of your own passive income.


AdSense is a way to earn money through Google. You can make money through ads through a blog, website, or YouTube channel. Every time a person clicks on an ad, you receive some money. It’s not a lot, but over time, you can build up a good stream of passive income through it. On my website, I use two ads. You can experiment adding more ad spaces on your website or blog. Or, you can seek sponsorships or commissions on various products/services.

You can change the look of the ads or layout to make it more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. You can place them in between articles and blog posts as well.


As stated above, you can start your own blog and create passive income through different ad spaces, sponsorships, or commissions. However, you have to work hard on writing high quality articles and blog posts for it to work.

You can first start off by free writing. Then over time, you can improve your skills in writing. The more you practice, the better you become at it.


You can dabble into passive income by creating eBooks or physical hardcopy books. You can hire people to help create the books such as through services like <http://www.fiverr.com>Fiverr.

Creating Merchandise

You can create merchandise through various sources such as Shopify or Etsy. You can design t-shirts, mugs, caps, and more.


There are various cryptocurrencies that you can invest in, such as BitCoin and Litecoin. You should make sure to research more about the various cryptocurrencies before you invest in any of them. Some cryptocurrencies are valued more than others. But, it is a way to invest or trade goods and services.

There are many other cryptocurrencies, which you can look up and research further. Make sure not to make the mistake of investing too much or too early. Check to see how it works first, and then be smart about how to invest.

Daily Motion

Daily Motion is one of many video sharing websites where you can make a small percentage of money through advertisements. I personally have not used Daily Motion myself, though it is a video hosting service that I am considering to use.

Greeting Cards

You can design artwork for greeting cards and receive money for it. You can use services such as Etsy, or find a printing service / manufacturer who can sell greeting cards for you. It can be anything from a Thank You note, or a Happy Birthday card.

Online Courses

There are different websites where you can create online courses. For example, there is Cousera and Teachable. However, it takes some upfront work. You have to find a way to outline the different modules or lessons. You can decide to use a camera, or you can create powerpoint slides to create your own courses.


There is a way to collect money through PayPal via donations. Here is my link for PayPal donations, just in case any of you find this material to be useful. It’s easy for anyone to set up, and from what I’ve seen, it seems as if there is some foreign language support for those who want to try it out.

Real Estate

People like to invest in real estate. Some people like to invest in just one or two properties. You might want to consider investing in multi-family homes as well. The more properties you own, the more money you can make through real estate through rental income.


You can make tons of money through royalties. There are various ways to make money through earning royalties such as selling music or investing in the stock market.

Selling Music or Art

You can learn how to sell music through avenues such as Spotify or iTunes. You can sell your art online through a service like Etsy or DeviantArt.

Stock Images

Stock images are photographs, artwork, or pictures that you can sell for money. The cool thing about this is that you can start by uploading pictures on various websites such as Pexel.

Stock Market

Just like I mentioned with cryptocurrency, you have to be careful when investing in the stock market. Some people invest in penny stocks, and they lose their money. There are many people who invested in the stock market and then lost their money or retirement funds. Personally, I have lost some money in the stock market. I do not have that much knowledge on stocks, so I do not invest in the stock market. If I knew more about it, I would. And, I strongly advise anyone who invests in the stock market to research more on it before losing out.

Vending Machines

You can set up a vending machine anywhere and earn passive income through that. It’s best to set up one in an area that is busy or highly populated throughout the day.


This is another way to upload a video, and that is through Vimeo. Try experimenting with uploading videos on various websites to see what works best for you. Vimeo appears to be more professional than YouTube, and the commission structure is a little different.


You can generate passive income through YouTube videos. I have a few of my own YouTube channels. You can find it here and here. You won’t gain much money from it in the beginning, but as you grow your subscriber base and your collection of videos, you will earn more and more money over time.