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Sliding Scales of Progress

Have you ever progressed in a specific skill or talent, only to slide down in progress due to an unwanted break? I dabbled in and out of music several times. It’s not easy to get back into the swing of music production after you notice that you’re out of practice. Today, I posted a song cover of Impassive – Owol, but it wasn’t nearly the quality that I was hoping to get out of it.

The only good points I can say about this cover is 1) the vocals are pretty good compared to how they’ve been in the past, and 2) it took me just a few hours today to complete this cover. I’m sure if I put in more effort, it would have sounded even better. But rather than seeking perfection while I’m still using a dinky MacBook Air (which I only recommend to people who are used to single-tasking or using their computer for light tasks such as web browsing), I decided to just go ahead and post it as is.

If you compare this song cover to my earlier song covers, you will hear a noticeable difference. The instrumentals are somewhat off compared to the original. There are many instruments that I am still learning about in GarageBand.

I’m planning to upgrade to an iMac with Logic Pro X, so that will require me to learn more about the functionality while producing music. Does this throw me off? A bit. Do I wish I was able to continue music production when I was in a state of flow? Of course. But life got in the way, and I had to address certain concerns more than music production. The tradeoff is that now, I feel like I am in a good enough state to work on my creative pursuits and endeavors (this blog included, and YouTube again).

When you slide off progress due to unwanted circumstances, it’s easy to crumble and feel as if you can’t get back up again. But persistence does eventually pay off. This applies to any skill, whether it’s drawing, mathematics, astronomy, biology, cooking, plumbing, whatever the case may be. You just have to delve back into that skill, talent, or subject so that you can get good again. It’s easier said than done, but persistence and determination is key.

What skill have you held back on developing? Are you ready to dive into that skill again?