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The Illusion of Perfection

Sometimes when we try to achieve a certain goal, we get caught up in making it perfect. We expect there to be a linear path to success. But in reality, there is no true linear path to longterm goals. We can expect there to be curves or obstacles along the way. And, it is up to us to navigate through those unexpected roadblocks.

In order to achieve something perfect, we’d be expending a lot of time and energy into achieving that state of perfection. But sometimes, it’s worth it just to execute your actions and to keep treading on. For example, I don’t always have a perfect idea for what I want to blog about. I don’t even know how the blog post will end up until it’s actually finished. However, I can try my best to come up with a topic and write about it, seeing where it leads me. Either way, since my intention is to help others, it will show through my consistent effort of writing and posting regularly.

In reality, nothing is 100% perfect. There will always be an edge that we could correct. This happens to me when I’m songwriting or producing a cover on a song. The vocals might not be 100% how I want it to sound. Or, the instrumental track may be imperfect. But if I try my best and set aside a certain amount of time to get it done, it usually ends up sounding pretty decent. Well, at least my subscribers enjoy it. Plus not only that, but I also find myself improving for the next time I produce or create a song.

We have to come to terms with life not being perfect. We have to take not only the “good”, but the unwanted (or “bad”). We have to live in balance and understand that perfection is merely an illusion. There is no such thing as a life that is 100% perfect. Try to find someone who has a perfect life. You’ll hear of no such thing.

What we can do is learn to accept that life is not 100% perfect. We can strive to live out best lives every day, minus the negative feelings. Or we can accept those negative feelings too and learn how to do our best anyway, despite the setbacks. Learn the lessons behind every negative event that shows up. This is how life is, and it’s up to your how you create your reality. Just realize that it’s okay to make mistakes along the way, because either way you are learning and growing. That’s as close to perfect as we can get.