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Is It Possible to Be Positive All the Time?

As much as we would like to be positive all the time, there comes those times when we sink down into negativity. It could happen for a number of reasons. Regardless, it’s okay to be negative at times. And although it isn’t possible to be positive 100%, we can try our best to look at the brighter side of a situation by practicing positive habits.

There are activities that lower your state of consciousness and that can cause you to sink down into negativity. For example, the 6 o’clock news may be filled with stories of bankruptcy, war, and neighborhood crime. If you watch this type of news on a daily basis, you may find yourself shifting into a fearful state of being.

Then, there are activities that boost your mindset. For example, you may find is enjoyable to attend a dance class. It’s a good way of not only self expression, but a physical and mental boost. You find it easy to focus on the positive during this kind of activity.

The easiest way into getting into a more positive mindset is to engage in hobbies and activities that boost your wellbeing. Some other activities that help you to stay positive is to listen to uplifting music, travel, and going for a walk. These activities allow you to achieve a higher state of consciousness, leaning more into principles of truth and love.

Do you find your mindset to be more positive or more negative? Comment down below and share your thoughts.

How to Practice Gratitude Daily

There are different ways in which you can express gratitude. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis can help you to keep a positive outlook on reality. It can motivate and inspire you to embark on new thrilling adventures of life. Here are just a few ways in which you can express gratitude.

Journaling or listing things you are grateful for

You can express your thanks through journaling. You can write it in a list format, or write it as a letter of thanks. You can also thank people in your life for various things, such as some clothes that someone bought for you or having certain people in your life that help boost your overall happiness.

Paying someone a compliment

You can pay compliments to anyone, whether it is family, friend, or stranger. Make sure that when you compliment, that you are genuine and it is coming from a place of love. Compliments can help improve other people’s moods and give them a boost of confidence. And in return, you most likely will receive a smile or a compliment yourself. It’s a good way to maintain a good bond with someone, as well as establish new connections with people.


Meditating is a great way to not only stay in the present moment, but to give thanks. You can feel grateful for the body you possess or for having control over your life functions. For example, you can be thankful in the moment for having a body that automatically takes care of your breath or heartbeat. Living is a mysterious miracle. (;

Acts of service

Another way to practice gratitude is to give back to others. You can volunteer. Or, you can offer to help your friends and family with certain tasks, such as housework. When you act from a place of love, it is infectious and brings a smile to others’ faces too.

What is one thing that you are grateful for? Do you practice gratitude daily? Personally, I use a book called The Five-Minute Journal to track what I am grateful for on a daily basis. I use it for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes before I head to bed. What do you do?

How Your Beliefs Shape Your Reality

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are formed through repetitive thoughts that our brains have concluded. Some beliefs can be helpful, and other beliefs can be destructive. What I’ve found to be useful is to examine old destructive beliefs, reframe them, and live a more conscious and positive life through more empowering beliefs.

We can have all sorts of beliefs. Usually when we hear the word “belief”, we think of religion. Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins. Muslims worship Allah. But beyond religion, beliefs can be formed around topics such as money or love.

One belief that people working 9-5 might have is, “I can never make money without having a job.” This is an disempowering belief that forces people to just rely on active income (through a salary). However if these people were to examine where the thought came from, maybe from their childhood when their parents were struggling to make ends meet, they can eliminate the belief and start their own businesses if they wish to do so.

I used to stress out about money. But recently, I formed a more empowering belief and said to myself, “There are tons of ways to make passive income online! I might as well hop onto the online abundance train.” Even though I do not have much experience with passive income, I know that if others succeeded at doing it, so can I.

Try examining your core beliefs. Are they positive or negative? If they are negative, find out where those thoughts first stemmed from, usually from your childhood or from past traumas. Then, reevaluate those beliefs. For example, if you have been abused before in the past and feel like you are not important or like you are worthless, you can look back and think of other alternative thoughts. Perhaps you were abused in the past, but that does not mean that you don’t deserve happiness. It could mean that those people who were abusive were mentally ill and had no idea what they were doing. Or, it could mean that had someone been there, you would have not been abused. It could mean many things. But, it does not mean you are worthless. Everyone is worth of love.

You want to make sure that your core values stem from a place of positivity. You want to be optimistic about your life, not feeling like you spiraling down into doom and suffocation of life. Your life is yours to enjoy.