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You’re not responsible for anyone else. You are responsible for yourself. We all have to be there for ourselves. You have to learn how to do it. Sometimes, this world can seem scary and evil, but it does not have to be that way. All you have to do is learn how to master your thoughts.

The mind likes to play tricks on us sometimes, but we have to learn that our minds are not us. Our minds are not us because they are filled with many thoughts that we formed during our childhood. And whatever our minds are doing can be traced back to our brains, because the brain is designed to form thoughts and beliefs. Beliefs are formed by our minds. And responsibility is a part of it too. We have to learn how our brains are wired in order to know the truth.

How the Brain Works

There is something tricky about the brain. The brain can manipulate its cells to work for its body, and it can alter its state to a higher level of thinking. It means that you can learn how to focus your thoughts on either positive or negative thinking.

Personally, I choose to focus on the positive, because it makes no sense (in my opinion) to focus on the negative. Negativity just attracts more negativity. However, there are some situations in which I use the negative emotions such as fear, because those emotions can be signs of what we need to focus on. It is good that the brain can experience both the negative and positive, because that is how life works. And what better way to take care of life than to take responsibility for your brain? Feed your brain good thoughts, and good things will come flying your way.

How to Be Mindful of Your Body

We also have to be mindful of how we use our bodies. Physical activity is good, as it allows your body to become stronger over time. If you’re not crazy about exercise, you can enjoy fun activities such as golfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, or dancing. You may also want to try other soothing techniques such as shaving (carefully, of course), taking a warm shower or bath, and eating healthy foods. You can even try stimulating your senses through different activities such as aromatherapy and horticulture.

Why Do Some People Escape Responsibility?

Sometimes, people escape responsibility because they don’t know what they’re doing. And other times, people are unsure about how they can take responsibility. There are many broke people who don’t know how to make more money or how to meet their basic survival needs. There are also many rich people who are not sure about what to do with their money, and so they just save it for later. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s important to think smart about what you need to do.

Responsibility can be scary for some people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Plan out your thoughts first. Then, write down some of your ideas for how you would like your life to be. When you outline your thoughts, you can think more clearly and you can learn how to be more responsible.

Personally for myself, I try my best to take responsibility for my life. But sometimes, I get confused. It’s okay to be confused sometimes. And sometimes, you may need external help in order to figure out your life. There are calm and rational ways to do this. When seeking help from others, don’t try to use aggression. Try expressing yourself with assertion.

What’s Wrong With Being Confident?

Confidence is a positive emotion. Having true confidence is learning how to be a strong human being. It means to stop playing games with your life and to live it to the fullest potential. Below is a song that I like to listen to in order to help boost my confidence.

I like being confident because it allows me to excel in my life. I know it’s hard to not give up at times, but you have to be the controller of your own life. And you have to learn how to chase after your dreams. That means, no messing around. Take control and create your own destiny.

Confidence is the ability to ignore distractions while maintaining a higher level of consciousness. There are many ways to improve your self-confidence, and one of those ways is to continually practice self-care and compassion.

It can sometimes be difficult to be confident. So what you need to do first is to look into yourself (inwards) and to figure out where this negativity is coming from. The second is to overcome the negativity and the fears by living out your life and living out your dreams.

The People You Surround Yourself With

“Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation, for ’tis better to be alone than in bad company.”

George Washington

I think that it is important to surround yourself with people who are at a higher level consciousness. What that means is that they are actively looking to take care of themselves while at the same time contributing to society.

The truth is that no one is perfect, but you can learn how to accept others for their flaws. At the same time, you want to make sure you don’t get consumed by negativity. You need to have balance, and the way to do that is to be smart about when you use negativity and when you use positivity. Too much optimism can lead to fatal consequences at times, and too much negativity can do the same thing.

Everyone has their own language of who they want to surround themselves with. For me, I like to surround myself with ambitious yet fun people. Truthfully, I find that there are few ambitious and fun people. But when you find these people, you know that you’ve created something special.

I like to surround myself with people who excel in all areas of their life, from health to appearance to career to finances. It is a tough road to follow, but if you follow your intuition, you can achieve anything that you put your efforts towards. It can be a little difficult to find these people, but if you just live your life, improve your relationships, and actively search for these people, you will find them.

How to Surround Yourself with “A” Players

“It is always good to know, if only in passing, charming human beings. It refreshes one like flowers and woods and clear brooks.”

George Eliot

An A player is someone who excels at life. It is someone who conquers most or all areas of their life, from health to finances to relationships to spirituality. Such people that I would define as A players are Ramit Sethi, Steve Pavlina, Leo Babauta, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, and Kim Yugyeom. 😀 I am always looking to surround myself with A players because as they say, you become the people you surround yourself with.
How can you find ways to surround yourself with A players? The first is just to engage yourself in activities that you enjoy and that you would look for in people who you would consider A players. You don’t necessarily have to engage with these people directly. For example, I go to the gym to get a workout and see people there who are motivated, pumped, and athletic. I don’t converse with these people aside from maybe the instructor and maybe someone taking the same class if the opportunity presents itself. But still, I am motivated to work out because I see other people doing the same. And in my mind, an A player consists of someone who cares about their wellbeing and health. So in my mind, anyone who hits the gym regularly is an A player in health.

Another way that I plan to surround myself with A players is to attend a dance class. I love dancers because they are very expressive with their moves and they also tend to care about health, appearance, and hygiene. So one way I can surround myself with these people is to attend a local dance meetup such as through Meetup or EventBrite. Or I can take dance classes through an academy and search for it on Yelp or Yellow Pages. I’m planning to attend these classes sometime in the beginning of March. It should be fun!

I also find entrepreneurs and business-minded people to be A players. I want to pursue passive income and have dabbled a bit here and there, and it’s motivating to be in connection with people who have succeeded in generating a significant amount of passive income such as thousands of dollars per month. There are some meetup groups as well, but I’m planning to start with Toastmasters to connect with these people. Toastmasters draws in people of all sorts of backgrounds and statuses, but I’m planning to connect with those business-oriented people who also enjoy life and like to socialize. It’s also a great way to practice public speaking. And someday, it’s my goal to give a Ted Talk. That takes A player motivation and drive to do.

How can you develop an A player mindset?

The first step is to be ruthless about what you want. Sometimes, developing an A player mindset requires you to cut out certain friendships and social connections. This can be because certain friendships and acquaintances can drain your energy and bring you to a lower mind of awareness. For example, if you want to quit smoking, it’s counter-intuitive to hang out with people who smoke a lot. You’re just going to be tempted to smoke again. And sometimes, it can seem cruel to cut off or wean off from these friendships. But if you really want to succeed at life, you sometimes have to burn the ships and be selfish about what you want. There’s nothing wrong with change. It’s just in your mind as mild discomfort. Sometimes, you can naturally stop hanging around average people by just hanging around A players some more. And the more you expose yourself to A players, the more your mindset improves, and the more you naturally drift to these A players and stop hanging around average people.

A simple exercise you can do in order to figure out what an A player means to you is to list the qualities of your ideal type or of what you want to be. Here is a sample list of qualities that I personally seek for in an A player:

– Vegan
– Six figures or more
– Clean shaven and fashionable appearance
– Artistically talented
– Confident at giving speeches
– Good at cooking vegan
– Fit or athletic
– Leader

Note that you don’t need to find all the qualities in a person. It’s possible to find someone who only have a few of these qualities and is still an A player. But the more qualities a person has close to your ideal type, the better it is. And of course, the more naturally drawn you will be to that person. Plus looking at your list, you will feel more compelled to cut off draining friendships and relationships.

The Courage to Be an A Player

Becoming an A player takes courage. It means destroying old habits and replacing them with healthier and more fulfilling habits. It means eliminating old baggage. It means reinventing yourself. It means dedicating every single day to bettering yourself and becoming your highest potential.

It can be hard at first to become an A player because we can get stuck in old routines and rely on what’s comfortable. A players are A players because they know how to conquer life and how to lean into discomfort. The majority of people avoid discomfort and soak in short-term pleasures of life. But A players delay gratification and shoot for the stars. It’s not an easy task to be an A player when you’re shooting so high every day, but that’s what makes them exceptional. And you are also exceptional. You also have untapped potential. And if you want to be a superstar, you can be that superstar. All you have to do is believe in yourself and to lean into that discomfort and give it a try.

For me, it’s going to be uncomfortable attending my first Toastmasters session. However, I know that I will benefit from it in the long run. I will become a better public speaker and I will socialize more with people I want to surround myself with, which are leaders. One way in which I will prepare myself to go is to practice self-care (my appearance) and to prepare business cards to introduce myself. The business cards give a simple introduction of myself being vegan and into personal growth, being a voice talent and songwriter, and my blog, Instagram and Youtube links. It’s a good way for me to ease my nerves just in case I’m at a loss for words and want to introduce myself in a more relaxed manner. Plus, it’s more professional.

If you want to learn how to overcome your fear in order to become an A player, you have to either remove limiting beliefs of yourself or learn how to lean into the fear. You have to get used to your heart racing at times, and you have to learn how to not avoid it. It’s okay to be afraid to connect with someone new. It’s okay to be nervous about attending your first dance class. But, realize that it’s not going to kill you to try something new. It’s part of the excitement. This is what A players do every day. They venture off into new directions, tackling their fears and accomplishing new feats. And this can be you too. Why settle for comfort when you can lead a exceptional life?