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How to Make Hard Work Fun

Work can be boring sometimes. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if you decide to go the entrepreneurial path, it can be lots of fun. You can combine play with work if you create a lifestyle first and work second.

When you create a lifestyle first, you choose the activities that are most appealing to you. For example, nowadays, I like to do the following: blogging, uploading videos, producing music, and writing eBooks. Thankfully with the age of digital technology, I am able to find ways to make money through these activities (passive income for the win!).

If you decide to be an artist, there are a few ways you can make money. You can sell art through websites such as Etsy. You can set up local workshops to teach people how to produce art. Or, you can create an online course in which you teach art.

I’m quite sure that I would not enjoy the typical 9-5 job. It requires you to perform the same skills time in and time out. Plus, there is not much room for growth. You may be promoted, but your skills may be limited to what that job entails.

As opposed to the entrepreneurial, the sky’s the limit. For myself, I have to utilize skills such as SEO, photoshopping, HTML, FTP, and content creation. When I post videos, I have to make sure that the lighting is just right and that the camera is set in the right angle. I have to do my own marketing. There’s a lot that I am learning to do on my own in the creativepreneur or solopreneur path.

Does my work ever get boring? Sometimes, it can seem repetitive and boring. But when that happens, I just throw on some music or try dabbling in another form of passive income. For example, sometimes I get tired of blogging. So, I’ll switch medias such as creating a podcast. Or, I’ll spend time writing eBooks instead. Or, I’ll pop in my microphone and belt out a song. It’s fun when you can be your own boss and make all the rules.

When you first make the change to making a living based off your lifestyle, it can be confusing. You may not know what exactly to do at first. And, you may not want to chase the money right away in the beginning. When you chase money, you are in it for the numbers alone. But when you put on your wizard’s hat, you can create anything you want and not worry so much about the money. The money will come rolling in so long as you are trying to actively give value or make a meaningful contribution to society.

For me, I knew that when I started this blog, I might not make much money. Part of it was that I did not know what to post. I was not sure what direction to take my blog. But as I restarted my blog and started writing again, I thought of this question, “What are some things people want to learn but struggle with, and can I help them through my writing?” That is the blueprint for my success. And even if I’m not making the return on investment right now, I know in time it will pay off. After all, there are people such as Leo Babauta and Steve Pavlina who have succeeded in this path, so why not I? (;

Hard work does not have to be a grind. It can be adventurous or fun. It is all about your mindset. If you can find a way to express your skills and talents and create a positive influence to multiple people, then the money will come your way. And even if it is just to a few people at a time in the beginning, that is still a good starting point.

Sometimes when I’m writing, I like to listen to some music in the background to get my creative juices flowing. Or, I like to sip on a fruit smoothie while getting a blog post out. Other times, I like to fully immerse myself in the experience and grow from it.

You too can learn how to mix hard work with play. You can find a happy balance between the two, not giving too much into just the money and not second-guessing yourself out of the fun hustle. I hope this blog post inspires you to find creative ways to express yourself that may also help you to cash in some extra moolah. (;