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Exercising Daily on Weekdays

After months of being inactive (aside from maybe walking), I made it a goal to hit the gym every day on the weekdays. I started off by hitting the gym three times a week. Last week, I only went to the gym twice. However, I made up for it by hitting the gym three times this week so far, and I plan on going to the gym again today. I give myself a break from going on the weekends. And so far, this has been working out well for me.

Next week, I would like to hit the gym every day from Monday through Friday. I usually hit the gym with one of my parents. My mother has been going, and it serves as extra motivation for me to see her working out so hard.

Currently, I’m working to build up strength. I run, but I have trouble running long distances. So what I do is I walk for a minute, then run for a minute and fifteen seconds, and then when my legs are feeling quite tired or my feet are a little hurt, I walk or set it up to a higher speed to power walk. I walk/run for 15-20 minutes total. I enjoy using the weight machines too. For example, I do leg presses, arm lifts, and tricep presses. I also like using dumbbells and doing lunges.

There are some classes, though I’ve only attended one since the classes tend to be later in the day. The pilates class was difficult for me, but I tried my best to power through it. There is a zumba class, but it is for 60 minutes long and tends to be later in the evening, around 7:00PM. That’s quite late for me as that is when I tend to have dinner and wind down for the day with a warm shower. However, I am interested in attending zumba or taking some kind of dance class (maybe hip-hop or K-pop).

I’m thinking about adding pushups to my workout routines. I also want to run longer distances, so I’m pushing myself gradually to work up that way. It is my goal to run for a total of 10 minutes straight. I also have the goals of doing 30 pushups consecutively and to do a 2-minute plank. Additionally, I have a goal of reaching my target weight of 120 lbs. So far, I’m doing good. I gained a lot of weight this past winter, my highest peak weight being 132 lbs. But this morning when I checked, I was 122 lbs. So that is great progress. I hope to continue losing weight until I reach my target weight, maybe even a little more so that I can have a slim tummy.