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Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

Life is full of ups and downs. When we experience the negative, we find it difficult to focus on the good. That is natural. However, we have to realize that the downs are part of the journey. Rather than dwelling on the negative, focus on going with the flow while being mindful of both the negative and positive. Be mindful of the negative by focusing on solutions, or by not focusing too much on the bad. Try your best to be balanced. At the same time, don’t settle for less and enjoy life as much as you possibly can.

It can seem like a conundrum between balancing life and enjoying a grand adventure of life. But, it’s possible to live both ways. It’s possible to know of the risks certain actions may yield. So with every major decision, take some caution and gradually unfold the experience rather than rushing through it. Be mindful of any possible negative setbacks while also being open to the unfamiliar.

Most people choose to settle for their life, graduating with thousands of dollars in school loans and sticking to a 9-5 job. It may yield a comfortable lifestyle. However, it can get boring and repetitive fast if you stick to this path of mediocrity.

There are the few who decide to go through a different path. Some have made entire livings through traveling and embarking on new adventures. Few people try the digital nomad lifestyle. Once you can get past the finances and find an active solution for it through your lifestyle (e.g. workshops, online courses, sponsorships, etc.), you can enjoy an abundant lifestyle.

Let’s say you’re happy with your 9-5. Great! Not everyone is happy with their 9-5, but if you are, you are in luck. Now all you have to do is add to the fun, engaging in interesting hobbies or enjoying your free time off. You don’t have to feel tired or drained. Enjoy your life.

Enthusiasm with Work

“Nothing great was ever achieve without enthusiasm.”
– Ralph Waldo

Have you ever wondered why some people seem so full of life while others dread their everyday routine? The answer is simple. What separates the enthusiastic from the lost and down are their approaches to life.

Nowadays, many people take their lives for granted. In the digital age, there is so much to look forward to. There is plenty of opportunity, and it is at a level playing field. Anyone can jump right in and embark on an amazing journey.

In the past, there had been such opportunities as well. For example, John Rockefeller made it big with a net worth of almost $340 billion dollars by focusing his efforts on the blue sea (or opportunity) of refining oil. By the time he was done, he owned 90% of the oil in America.

Imagine what it would take to dominate any industry. It requires much time, dedicated, and research into a particular field. Some fields require more investments or money than others.

I personally choose to invest my time and efforts using technology that I am familiar with, such as blogging, YouTube, and eBooks. After some time, I might dabble into creating merchandise, in podcasts, and in audiobooks. But for now, I am focusing on just these three avenues of potential passive income.

In order to be great, you must be focused and committed to doing better every day. Part of that journey can be money. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money; but when you embark on the journey of abundance, money might be part of the equation.

If you want to have a larger impact on people, you may want to consider treading the path of entrepreneurship. You can take your time getting to know different fields and then selecting one that is best suited to your needs. It should make you feel excited trying those kinds of paths out.