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Balancing Emotion with What’s Rational

Our emotions don’t last forever. What we feel is just in the moment. Then as we experience new changes, our emotions and feelings may shift over to something different. What we have to realize with out emotions is that sometimes, we have to balance those emotions with a rational state of mind.

Your emotional mind is an indicator of how things are going both on the inside and outwards. Sometimes, our minds may convince us to engage in certain activities based on how you feel in the moment. But, we should try our best to balance our state of being with the rational, to make more grounded decisions.

What we can do is practice living with a more empowered state of being. That is, deflect negativity and replace them with a more positive affirmation. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, and learn how to do better the next time around.

It can be easy to just give into our emotions, because that is how we feel. And, we often feel that the best way to express our emotional mind is to experience it fully. However, that rarely plays out well. When we are overly optimistic, we may engage in risky behaviors or overwhelm ourselves by the time our optimistic high is over. And similarly, when we drown in negativity, we self-destruct and cause ourselves to experience more stressful situations. Well, that is unless you learn how to get yourself to a calmer state of being.

When you’re in a calm state of being, that is the best place to be in order to make decisions. You are level-headed and think more clearly or rationally. We can create goals for ourselves that are positive and reachable. This is better than taking off more than you can chew and destructing in chaos. Focus on where you are right now and learn how to take a step up. As with anything, it takes time to learn the skill of balancing emotion with logic. But the more you practice, the better you become at it, and the more you can take on. And when you learn how to balance emotion with logic, you begin to make wiser decisions.