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Unleashing Your Inner Child

We all have an inner child within us. Most of our habits and actions are based around our experiences with life as a child. This means that we have instilled thoughts in ourselves due to what we perceived or learned from adults and peers at a young age.

Sometimes, our inner child wants to express itself differently. It requires courage and tenacity to tune into that inner child and learn how to let go of our past baggage. It requires strength and vulnerability at the same time, learning from our past mistakes and moving onto the new.

My inner child likes to express itself in various ways: dance, color, swim, sing, and more. So, these are activities that I try my best to practice regularly. Some people discount their childhood and believe that as adults, we have to just be responsible and not engage in fun. These types of people put on a serious facade. But others know that it is good to reveal your inner child. It is good to enjoy life and to experience the things we did as a child. We can always enjoy a playful life in moderation with our career or finances.

How do I tap into my inner child?

One way to tap into your inner child is to think of fun times you had during your childhood or teenage years. Did you enjoy sports? Were you in the math club? Just because you’re older now does not mean that you cannot still enjoy those activities. If you enjoyed these activities at a young age, you can try to engage in these same activities again.

Another way to tune into your inner child is to write or journal. Write our your dreams and where you would like to go or visit. Write about the most joyful times of your life and figure out what it is that is most important to you.

When I was a child, I loved singing and I loved hanging around children. I still do. As a result, every so often, I post songs on both YouTube and Soundcloud of me singing. And, I sing these songs for some young people to enjoy.

I used to love playing with lego blocks. There are adults who buy special lego kits to build up and enjoy (such as spaceships or castles). This can be a fun hobby.

What hobbies do you think you’d like to enjoy?