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Why is Passive Income a Good Way to Earn Money?

Passive income requires discipline. It means trying various ideas until something sticks and works. It requires you to be patient and to hold out for long-term benefits. If you stick to creating passive income, eventually you will succeed as you learn from your attempts.

The reason why passive income is so good to earn is because it requires you to only put in the upfront work one time in exchange for receiving money over a long period of time. It allows you to explore your creative side and to find outlets in which you can contribute value to society multiple times from just exerting the time and effort once.

Passive income also allows you to live a freer lifestyle. Your life is not based on just your work and errands. In some cases, it can be based on your lifestyle and way of living. For example, Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary makes a living off lending money and investing money into the stock market while in exchange earning dividends. His whole lifestyle is based on extracting value through lending money to others. If he so chosen otherwise, he could retire from his work and still continue earning money. But instead, his lifestyle revolves around supporting businesses and investing money into them.

You don’t have to be mega rich in order to dabble into passive income. There are many ways in which you can earn passive income, from eBooks to eCourses to real estate. When you first start off, you have to adjust to a learning curve. That is, you have to keep trying different ideas until one works. You don’t have to be super serious in order to earn passive income. You can even explore the topic with some fun, such as creating a game app for Android or iPhone. There are kids who have already dabbled into creating passive income, such as creating and selling music. You too can earn passive income if you just set up your mind for success. Focus on ways in which you can contribute value to society, and then try different ideas until you can earn passive income.

The cool thing about passive income nowadays with the internet is that you don’t even need to have money in order to start with it. If you had to, you could access a local library’s computer and earn money such as through blogging. Or, you could save up money temporarily from a job and invest in a camera (or smartphone with a camera) to upload YouTube videos. The sky’s the limit. Just stick to one method of passive income before jumping off in several directions.

Nowadays, I would say that the main sources of passive income that I am currently exploring are 1) blogging, and 2) uploading YouTube videos. My channels (here and here) are growing in views and subscribers, so I have been more proactive in posting videos through YouTube. And my blog, while not high in traffic yet, has been growing in the number of articles I’ve been posting. So eventually once I hit a certain number of valuable articles, I will gain more traffic and earn more money through my ads/affiliate links.

Pursuing passive income can be something that you do while earning active income. You can approach passive income as a hobby or interest. Approach it with curiosity and wonder as opposed to just a numbers game. Because in the end, earning passive income is about enjoying your life rather than just putting in work. When I post a blog article or a YouTube video, I enjoy the process. It does not drain me, and I feel as if I am contributing good value to my readers and subscribers. You should feel the same too, as if you are contributing something good to society in return for passive income.

Interactive Trader with Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary

Recently, I attend an event featuring Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary along with guest speakers Steve Sitkowski and Jeff Tomasulo. They promoted a software called Interactive Trader, a tool designed to help you make “smart financial decisions” with the stock market. I was at first tempted to buy into their program so that I could make money too. However within the few days that followed, I realized that this was not the path of a heart. I couldn’t help but feel disconnected from the Wall Street path, which seems nothing more than a mere numbers game. You basically benefit or gamble on other people’s money, meanwhile not contributing anything of value to society. Doesn’t that seem pretty empty and unfulfilling?

When you chase money just for the sake of having more of it, your life turns out to be only about money or numbers. And for those people promoting the software, they get some money in exchange for your ignorance or cluelessness of how the stock market works.

In the stock market, there are two main ways to make money. You either earn money through dividends, or you earn it on capital gains (a.k.a. market inefficiencies). They presented the game of options, which they say will make you a sustainable income. But in order to truly make money from options, you have to know the insides and outs about different stocks and companies. And like I mentioned before, you are simply making money based off of other people’s ignorance. Do you really want to live that way?

They promoted both ways as follows: earn passive income through dividends, and earn income through options. The passive side of earning money seems to be the better deal as you invest money into a company that seems to be doing well. But the income part is tricky, in my humble opinion more risky than just trying to earn your own passive income through other means.

When it was Kevin O’Leary’s time to speak, he shared some of his own methods for saving and investing money. He did not promote Interactive Trader as the other two did, so I’m guessing they just cut him a deal to speak in front of an audience about his financial success. He offered valuable advice such as making the large part of his income through dividends (or royalties such as with his Shark Tank deals), and he suggested living off the interest, not by the principle.

Another point that Kevin O’Leary noticed was the trend of successful women entrepreneurs. He mentioned how they have better time management skills, set achievable goals, maintain low employee turnover, and assimilate feedback to enhance customer service. In turn, men struggle to set achievable goals due to testosterone, setting too high of goals that are unrealistic and hard to keep up with.

With Steve Sitkowski, I had a few valuable takeaways. He said to stop caring about what others think and to just do what you want to do. Everything is temporary, so learn how to give from a loving heart. Improve your life first, and then focus on improving others’ lives too. Also, align your actions with your objectives. I don’t agree with him on using options as a way to gain steady income, but hey, he said it worked for him. Good on him for that. (; Personally, I cannot stomach the thought of just playing with numbers all day long. If I were to invest in the stock market, it’d be for dividends, not options.

There were three main takeaways from Jeff Tomasulo. One is that many people have trouble speaking about money (even though it is the main concern for the majority of people). So the more comfortable you feel with talking about money, the more of a chance you have succeeding with money. He said to take care of the downside first, because the upside can handle itself. In other words, face those main problematic areas and find a way to improve it, and everything else will be taken care of. The last point is to form a team or mastermind rather than trying to do everything yourself.  Get your advice from the experts. Try to find a mentor that aligns with your beliefs and values, and replicate success from them (as a shortcut).

Overall, the event was not bad. There were a range of people attending the event, from college students to close-to-retirement folks. But still, I am skeptical about their program Interactive Trader. I know someone who is going to the event, so I’ll see their take on it before I completely write it all off. In the meantime though, I am focusing on my streams of passive income, doing my best to provide value to people before I gain anything from it. With the internet, it’s easier than ever to share with others and make a meaningful contribution. So, that is what I will focus on.

10 Habits of Millionaires

Are you interested in what it takes to become a millionaire? Here are 10 habits that many millionaires practice every day:


Exercise is a good way to take care of your body. You physical state of being affects your mentality. When you exercise, you release endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine into the brain. When this occurs, you feel happier and are in a better mood.

Daily exercise is a good way of maintaining a healthy emotional state. It helps to eliminate brain fog and allows you to think more cleaning. Even something as simple as going for a walking gets your body in action, and that in turn helps your mind to become action-oriented.

Mapping out a plan for future goals and maintaining flexibility

When you have large ambitious goals, it is best to break up the goals into smaller active steps. To give an example, if you were to create your own business and hope to make millions of dollars from it, you may first want to focus on getting your first $1000 dollars for the first month. If you’re new to working out and arm weak in the arms, you may want to first start with lifting 5 lb. dumbbells. This all depends on your level of experience.

Even ambitious people know that it’s important to start of small and build up. And of course, it’s nice to reach for higher goals. You just need to figure out the path to get there. Also, you should be a little flexible and realize that just because one way doesn’t work, doesn’t mean that there is no other path to pursuing your dreams.

Multiple streams of income

This is a concept that many millionaires, multi-millionaires, and billionaires follow. They create various streams of passive income so that they have more time to enjoy all of their favorite activities. It’s a smart way to invest in yourself.

In case you still want to work at your current job, you can still make active income while investing in different avenues on the side. Maybe you could purchase some real estate and rent out the properties. Or, you can take your time to learn how to invest in the stock market.

Having multiple streams of income allows you to have more flexibility. Some ways in which I pursue passive income include creating eBooks, blogging with AdSense and affiliate links, and uploading YouTube videos on various topics with affiliate links.

A book that I’ve found to be useful in my journey of pursuing passive income comes from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It teaches you how to be smart about your daily habits and how to create a concise plan for making money through various streams. It teaches you where creativity in making multiple streams of income comes from. Though, it takes some imagination to figure out how to do that.

Practicing gratitude

Gratitude is a good way of expressing happiness and contentment with life. When we act out of gratitude, we allow for good opportunities to flow into our lives. These opportunities can enhance our lives in many ways, and all we have to do is practice gratitude daily.

Gratitude can be expressed in various ways. Some people like to pray. Some people like to meditate. Other people like to verbally express their gratitude in the morning. Still, others like to write down a list of things they are grateful for in a pre-written or blank journal. I use a book called The Five-Minute Journal to express my gratitude and use positive affirmations. It is meant to be use daily for mornings and evenings, and there is an uplifting quote for each day.

Try experimenting with various forms of practicing gratitude until you find the method that is right for you. Practicing gratitude can help you to focus your mind on the good things. It helps you to see that your life is going well, and it helps you to look forward to new projects or adventures in your life’s journey.

Pursuing their passion

We all have different passions in life. Some people (such as myself) may love music. Others may enjoy mathematics. In order to live a fulfilling life, you should actively pursue your passion, skills, and talents.

Pursuing your passion allows you to reach your highest potential. Money comes naturally to those who actively use their passion, their skills, and their talents. For many people, it takes time to build up a good reputation based on your unique abilities. For example if you want to become a good dancer, you may have to take dance classes for a while in order to gain recognition in achieving your ultimate dream. After a while, people may recommend you to dance for music videos or on television.

I’m reminded of Will Smith, when he said it is better to live out your dreams rather than crumble down to a path of mediocrity. Why settle for less when you can enjoy your life right now? Money can become part of the equation once you boldly allow the universe or whatever higher being you believe in to know that you are ready to lead a life of self-actualization.


Self-made millionaires know that reading is a vital component in obtaining riches. Some people like to finish entire books in one day. Others like to take their time in reading and to gain new knowledge, reading at least one book a month.

When you read, you learn more about the world and you can shortcut your way to success or adventure through reading. You do not have to drop down to the pitfalls of failure. Rather, you can learn how to master your mind and avoid deadly or dangerous mistakes, whether that be financially or emotionally (such as with relationships).

Surrounding themselves with the right kinds of people

As most of the personal development field is aware of, you become the average of the people you surround yourself with. So, you’ll want to make sure that you surround yourself with the rights kinds of people. You don’t want to hang out with just anyone. When you’re pursuing a goal of obtaining riches, you must surround yourself with people who you consider to be A players.

If you surround yourself with people who are unsure about their life, it can hold you back. If you surround yourself with people who obsess over drama and are not proactively taking care of their life, you may succumb to similar activities.

Your environment is just as important. Imagine as if you’re in a room filled with dirt and carcinogens in the air. You can try your best to maintain a positive outlook. However, you will breathe in that smoke and dirt, and that is not good for your state of being. You want to make sure that your environment and the people you spend your time with contribute to a higher sense of purposeful life.

Taking calculated risks and investing in themselves

As entrepreneurs, millionaires like to take calculated risks. That is, they are careful as to how they spend their time and money. They like to invest their money into ideas that will benefit them in the long-run.

Some ways in which you can invest in yourself include buying books, investing in online courses to enhance your skills, and purchasing new technologies that will aid you in your business. You can also get a loan if you think it will help for big business ideas such as running a store or investing in real estate. However, you want to be careful and make sure that you do enough research on it before investing fully.

Taking risks is part of the entrepreneurial path. Depending on your tolerance for risks, you can invest a little, a lot, or in between. I suggest that you start off small before investing too much into something that you are not quite familiar with.

Viewing obstacles as challenges to overcome

We face different obstacles in our life. No two lives are the same, but we all experience similar fates. Millionaires, multi-millionaires, and billionaires learn how to enjoy their life by looking at the obstacles as fun challenges.

In order to obtain riches, you must adopt a higher level of thinking and being. You want to balance between positive and negative states of being. You want to make sure that your actions are reasonable and logical. Dwelling too much on the past or future can lead you to taking no action. But if you start from where you are right now, you can overcome those life hurdles more easily.

Waking up Early

You can learn to be more productive by waking up early. Jump into a morning routine and set up the day for success. If you’re not an early bird, you can either learn to adapt to waking up early in the morning, or you can become a night owl if that suits your needs better. Either way, make sure that you get adequate amounts of rest, whether it’s 5 hours of sleep at night or 10 hours. Listen to your body and figure out how much rest you need in order to wake up early in the morning.

In the morning, you can also knock off your MITs (most important tasks). Once you get the ball rolling, it is easy for you to take on more action. And, you can be more reflective and productive during your extra time in the morning. You can also engage in activities such as reading. What better way to start your day than reclaiming some of your time back? (;


How Your Beliefs Shape Your Reality

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are formed through repetitive thoughts that our brains have concluded. Some beliefs can be helpful, and other beliefs can be destructive. What I’ve found to be useful is to examine old destructive beliefs, reframe them, and live a more conscious and positive life through more empowering beliefs.

We can have all sorts of beliefs. Usually when we hear the word “belief”, we think of religion. Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins. Muslims worship Allah. But beyond religion, beliefs can be formed around topics such as money or love.

One belief that people working 9-5 might have is, “I can never make money without having a job.” This is an disempowering belief that forces people to just rely on active income (through a salary). However if these people were to examine where the thought came from, maybe from their childhood when their parents were struggling to make ends meet, they can eliminate the belief and start their own businesses if they wish to do so.

I used to stress out about money. But recently, I formed a more empowering belief and said to myself, “There are tons of ways to make passive income online! I might as well hop onto the online abundance train.” Even though I do not have much experience with passive income, I know that if others succeeded at doing it, so can I.

Try examining your core beliefs. Are they positive or negative? If they are negative, find out where those thoughts first stemmed from, usually from your childhood or from past traumas. Then, reevaluate those beliefs. For example, if you have been abused before in the past and feel like you are not important or like you are worthless, you can look back and think of other alternative thoughts. Perhaps you were abused in the past, but that does not mean that you don’t deserve happiness. It could mean that those people who were abusive were mentally ill and had no idea what they were doing. Or, it could mean that had someone been there, you would have not been abused. It could mean many things. But, it does not mean you are worthless. Everyone is worth of love.

You want to make sure that your core values stem from a place of positivity. You want to be optimistic about your life, not feeling like you spiraling down into doom and suffocation of life. Your life is yours to enjoy.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Are you curious to know more about the digital nomad lifestyle? Digital nomads are people who use technology to work and are independent in terms of location. How can you live the digital nomad lifestyle? It’s not necessarily easy to first start, but once you dabble into different ideas, it can become natural and feel rewarding.

Nowadays with the advancement of technology, it’s quite easy to live the digital nomad lifestyle. All you need is a laptop and/or phone.

For those who want to travel but want some stability, you can have a modified digital nomad lifestyle by renting or owning a property.

Is Digital Nomad Lifestyle a Good Decision for Me?

You should think carefully before embarking on the digital nomad lifestyle. It requires some self-discipline in terms of making sure that your finances are in order. You are your own boss. You have to figure out how to make money online on your own or through some guidance.

Digital nomads have many different ways of making money. For example, they can pursue passive income, or they can freelance. Some digital nomads create courses and garner most of their money through that.

Digital nomad lifestyle also requires a minimalist mindset. That is, you buy only your essential needs (i.e. some clothes, a few shoes, toothbrush, etc.) without spending lavishly.

If you want the digital lifestyle, but with some security, you can maybe rent out part of a storage facility, or you can rent out an apartment. You can also swap places to rent with other people or friends that want to travel.

Some digital nomads rely on coach surfing while in return, offering services such as cleaning up or giving lessons (such as teaching English in exchange for room and board in Thailand). You have to be careful about who you coach surf with. Females may feel safer coach surfing with other females, and vice versa for males.

If you want to become a digital nomad, you must ask yourself if you are ready to be your own boss. You have to play by your own rules. And, you have to take full responsibility for yourself.

It’s not that hard once you dabble into working for yourself, or finding ways to provide value online. The ways in which I pursue passive income (so that I can travel freely later) is by these avenues: eBook publishing, blogging, and uploading YouTube videos. I’m thinking about designing my own merchandise too and selling it only through services such as Shopify.

How to Generate Passive Income

There are many different ways to pursue passive income. Personally, I have been learning to generate passive income through different streams. Here are some ideas for how you can generate some of your own passive income.


AdSense is a way to earn money through Google. You can make money through ads through a blog, website, or YouTube channel. Every time a person clicks on an ad, you receive some money. It’s not a lot, but over time, you can build up a good stream of passive income through it. On my website, I use two ads. You can experiment adding more ad spaces on your website or blog. Or, you can seek sponsorships or commissions on various products/services.

You can change the look of the ads or layout to make it more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. You can place them in between articles and blog posts as well.


As stated above, you can start your own blog and create passive income through different ad spaces, sponsorships, or commissions. However, you have to work hard on writing high quality articles and blog posts for it to work.

You can first start off by free writing. Then over time, you can improve your skills in writing. The more you practice, the better you become at it.


You can dabble into passive income by creating eBooks or physical hardcopy books. You can hire people to help create the books such as through services like <>Fiverr.

Creating Merchandise

You can create merchandise through various sources such as Shopify or Etsy. You can design t-shirts, mugs, caps, and more.


There are various cryptocurrencies that you can invest in, such as BitCoin and Litecoin. You should make sure to research more about the various cryptocurrencies before you invest in any of them. Some cryptocurrencies are valued more than others. But, it is a way to invest or trade goods and services.

There are many other cryptocurrencies, which you can look up and research further. Make sure not to make the mistake of investing too much or too early. Check to see how it works first, and then be smart about how to invest.

Daily Motion

Daily Motion is one of many video sharing websites where you can make a small percentage of money through advertisements. I personally have not used Daily Motion myself, though it is a video hosting service that I am considering to use.

Greeting Cards

You can design artwork for greeting cards and receive money for it. You can use services such as Etsy, or find a printing service / manufacturer who can sell greeting cards for you. It can be anything from a Thank You note, or a Happy Birthday card.

Online Courses

There are different websites where you can create online courses. For example, there is Cousera and Teachable. However, it takes some upfront work. You have to find a way to outline the different modules or lessons. You can decide to use a camera, or you can create powerpoint slides to create your own courses.


There is a way to collect money through PayPal via donations. Here is my link for PayPal donations, just in case any of you find this material to be useful. It’s easy for anyone to set up, and from what I’ve seen, it seems as if there is some foreign language support for those who want to try it out.

Real Estate

People like to invest in real estate. Some people like to invest in just one or two properties. You might want to consider investing in multi-family homes as well. The more properties you own, the more money you can make through real estate through rental income.


You can make tons of money through royalties. There are various ways to make money through earning royalties such as selling music or investing in the stock market.

Selling Music or Art

You can learn how to sell music through avenues such as Spotify or iTunes. You can sell your art online through a service like Etsy or DeviantArt.

Stock Images

Stock images are photographs, artwork, or pictures that you can sell for money. The cool thing about this is that you can start by uploading pictures on various websites such as Pexel.

Stock Market

Just like I mentioned with cryptocurrency, you have to be careful when investing in the stock market. Some people invest in penny stocks, and they lose their money. There are many people who invested in the stock market and then lost their money or retirement funds. Personally, I have lost some money in the stock market. I do not have that much knowledge on stocks, so I do not invest in the stock market. If I knew more about it, I would. And, I strongly advise anyone who invests in the stock market to research more on it before losing out.

Vending Machines

You can set up a vending machine anywhere and earn passive income through that. It’s best to set up one in an area that is busy or highly populated throughout the day.


This is another way to upload a video, and that is through Vimeo. Try experimenting with uploading videos on various websites to see what works best for you. Vimeo appears to be more professional than YouTube, and the commission structure is a little different.


You can generate passive income through YouTube videos. I have a few of my own YouTube channels. You can find it here and here. You won’t gain much money from it in the beginning, but as you grow your subscriber base and your collection of videos, you will earn more and more money over time.