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The Difference Between Subjective and Objective Realities

“Life is like a library owned by the author. In it are a few books which he wrote himself, but most of them were written for him.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

I believe that there is a dualism of subjective and objective realities. With few books, it means that there are only a few books which we tell about ourselves. But, there is a whole host of stories that are out there about you by other living souls.

Lately, I’ve been battling back and forth between subjective and objective realities. I believe that everyone was put on Earth for a purpose. Everyone has their own unique talents and gifts that they use. But seldom do people reach their highest potential (higher self or higher being).

The few books written by you represent subjective reality. And the many books written by other people about you is part of the objective reality. At least, that is the way I perceive it to be.

Somehow, you have to find a balance between the subjective and objective realities. You have to learn how to accept your circumstances and how to enjoy it better.

You may want to experiment with both realities. Some people prefer to work at it alone (subjective reality), and others perceive their lives as being controlled by other beings.

I like to have control over my life most times, which is why I prefer subjective reality. But, I still realize that there are physical limitations that do not allow us to live our lives invincibly. One example of that is your body’s strength and endurance. If you push yourself too hard, you may crash. Vice versa, if you do not take care of your body, you will suffer the consequences.

Some people like to think of the objective world as being spiritual. Personally, I believe that there are things outside of our world that are miracles. Do you ever wonder about the other planets in outer space? People often learn from church that Earth is created by God. But what about the stars and other moons and galaxies out there? Where did they all come from?

My guess is that there is a higher being who created all of these amazing objects. And, humankind is also amazing because they come up with all sorts of cool technologies and gadgets that are fun to use. We are out own creators. We can create our own realities, but it takes time due to physical boundaries and limitations.

Aside from this dualism, I believe that there are different laws that guide us. The most basic ones include gravitational pull and Law of Attraction. These physical boundaries and limitations are part of the objective reality.

There are times when you can influence objective reality. For example, you cannot fully control other people’s minds or emotions. However, you can influence them by just staying grounded and being yourself. You can teach others your way of living just by engaging in activities that you enjoy. Personally, I enjoy physical activity (such as dancing, Zumba, yoga, or kickboxing), and I find that my friends and family are more likely to go to the gym when I do this.

Law of Reciprocity

There are some universal laws and hermetic principles that work in mysterious ways. Most people are familiar with Law of Attraction, but there is another law called the Law of Reciprocity. The law of reciprocity works like this: Whatever you give away, you will receive back.

The reason that this law is so powerful is that the more you give, the more you will receive back. For example, I am blogging on this website in order to give back passive value. And in return, I will receive passive income.

When you give away positive energy, you receive back positive energy. When you give away negative energy, you receive back negative energy. This seems like the Law of Attraction. However, it is slightly different. The reason is because with Law of Attraction, your state of being is what attracts good things into your life. With Law of Reciprocity, you actually give and receive back.

I like using both laws of Law of Attraction and Law of Reciprocity together. Universe gives back to those who help Universe. Masters of Law of Attraction know how to stay calm, logical, and rational the majority of the time. And masters of Law of Reciprocity know that the more you give, the more you will receive back. It’s more like whatever you give, you get to keep. So don’t worry about giving away things for free. You have to just understand that the free things you give away will also stay with you (i.e. knowledge).

What’s Wrong With Being Confident?

Confidence is a positive emotion. Having true confidence is learning how to be a strong human being. It means to stop playing games with your life and to live it to the fullest potential. Below is a song that I like to listen to in order to help boost my confidence.

I like being confident because it allows me to excel in my life. I know it’s hard to not give up at times, but you have to be the controller of your own life. And you have to learn how to chase after your dreams. That means, no messing around. Take control and create your own destiny.

Confidence is the ability to ignore distractions while maintaining a higher level of consciousness. There are many ways to improve your self-confidence, and one of those ways is to continually practice self-care and compassion.

It can sometimes be difficult to be confident. So what you need to do first is to look into yourself (inwards) and to figure out where this negativity is coming from. The second is to overcome the negativity and the fears by living out your life and living out your dreams.

What Karma Teaches Us About People

Karma is a confusing subject for many people. I believe in karma, because whatever you give does eventually come back. Good things happen all the time to both “good” people and “bad” people. But what makes a person “bad” or “good”?

I believe that karma works with law of attraction. Good karma always get rewarded. However, you may have to face some difficult obstacles in order to receive rewards. It’s not necessarily bad karma. It just depends on whether you faced it or not.

The same goes for people. We label people as being different categories: black, white, hispanic, Puerto Rican, Latino, Indian, poor, rich, bad, good, wealthy, and so forth. But we have to learn how to get along with each other, because what comes around goes and around. And the quicker you catch onto those lessons, the faster you become rewarded.

It also depends on the person. Some people are only able to tolerate a little bit of hard work and dedication, while others learn how to excel and move as fast as lightning or thunder.

Nowadays, I consider myself an A player at resolving my own karma. I learned how to get along better with my family and how to trust my instincts more. A players are able to balance their lives very carefully as to not work with the wrong kinds of people. A players are always on a mission to better their lives in the right kinds of ways. The interesting thing about this is that anyone can call themselves an A player, so long as they have that kind of confidence in themselves.

What karma can teach us about people is that we have to be careful about the types of people we surround ourselves with. And, we must learn how to keep our minds at a calm and relaxed state at all times. We have to learn how to be balanced. There are some things in this world that are dangerous, and some things that are not. But we do not need to give into the fear. We can learn how to resonate at a higher frequency by believing in ourselves first. Take the lessons one by one and learn how to resolve them on your own.

How Does Law of Attraction Work? (LOA)

The way law of attraction works is by attracting things that are aligned with the same frequency as you. When you think negative, you attract negativity. When you think positive, you attract positivity. And what’s negative or positive is different based on the person you are.

When you dream to accomplish something big, you may attract more negativity than usual. That’s okay because it just means that you’re somewhere on the right track.

Below is a video that goes more into depth on how LoA (Law of Attraction) works.

Don’t be startled by any negativity that comes into your life. Just try to be calm, rational, and logical about the negativity. And then, accept your past and move on.