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Every Child is an Artist

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

This is a wise quote from the artist Pablo Picasso. I agree with it because as children, we are quite imaginative and adventurous. We are naturally excited about life and draw into our inner creativity in order to live our lives.

However, as we grow older, we fall into the pit of what most of society believes. They say to settle down, pursue “real subjects” with “job potential” such as math or science, and to send out resumes to complete strangers so that they might hire you for a salary that they decide for you. Settling for mediocrity, these people lead unfulfilling lives and have lost their innate ability to create. They forget that they were creators at birth, learning their new environment and creating their own reality, only to align to what society believes to be “normal”.

Are you in the top 1% of people who realize that life can not only be fun and adventurous, but fulfilling in many aspects (yes, even financially)? If so, you have a can-do attitude that has no limits. You realize that you can have it both ways and that you don’t have to settle or compromise for less. You know that you can reach your highest potential just by being yourself. And, you realize that all people have the ability to be creative, but few seldom take that route, for fear of the unknown.

For many years, I’ve been wanting to write a book. But, I just couldn’t get into the zone of actually sitting down and writing one. Then towards the end of 2016, I finally sat down and worked on my first book. It was largely written using uncopyrighted works (Steve Pavlina!), but hey, I published it and it garnered a few sales. I was used to blogging for some time, but did not have a solid idea for what kind of book I wanted to write. But eventually a week or so ago, I wrote two short books. And now, I’m thinking of writing a longer book, hoping that maybe it will become a bestseller or a popular book of its kind. With Amazon, it’s easier than ever to write an eBook and get it published. That is just one avenue in which you can explore your creativity while contributing positively to society.

There are many other ways to express creativity. You could make it social by sharing with others, such as sharing your own artwork or music. Or, you can just pick it up as a hobby (poetry, dancing, meditation, and more). Just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy life. Just because some people decided to live in misery, doesn’t mean that you have to walk down that path too. Explore your interests and your hobbies. And if you’re lucky (a.k.a. persistent with the path you are going), you can find a way to make money from it if that is what you desire. Or, you may create a lifestyle around your works (such as young people do after years of dancing, when they decide to become teachers). If a 10-year-old can learn how to create money through producing an app on a smartphone, I’m sure an adult with such drive could learn how to do the same.

The same goes for blogging. I’ve been blogging for years, but only recently decided to pursue passive income through blogging more seriously. I used to blog on Xanga when I was in middle school. Flash forward to more than a decade later, I’ve decided to continue blogging, but to focus on creating content that motivates and inspires positivity in others. Not only do I get to share with others, but I enjoy the process, meanwhile making some money through Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate links (for products that I think the reader may enjoy).

I think what happens as we grow older is that we ignore that inner child of ours. We forget that life is meant to be enjoyed. You only live once, right? And even if you believe in reincarnation, you still have one life at the moment to live. So why not express yourself creatively? Why not be the artist? Why not create the life that you enjoy? There is more to life than just a steady paycheck. Express yourself, and enjoy it. (;

What Does it Mean to be Original?

Does originality really exist? In some form, it does. We have people coming up with all sorts of new inventions every day. However, even with new inventions, we find that it is based on old ideas.

When I write blog posts, some part is original (e.g. my writing style), but other parts are fresh and new ideas. Does that make me an original writer, or someone who is inspired by other people’s writing? I say it’s a combination of both.

Rather than focus on being original, I think it’s best to try just being yourself. Let the words that come out of your mouth flow. Let your thoughts guide you. It’s okay to borrow ideas from others and to mimic others’ styles (within reason of course, because you don’t want to plagiarize or tread into copyrighted, trademarked, or patented ideas). Once you are focused on being yourself, you will have an easier time being “original”. Let the self-exploration begin! (;

10 Ways to Release Your Aggression

There are times when we feel angry or irritated. Our anger can be directed at a person, an event, or thing. However, we do not have to sink down into negativity.

Anger is an emotion of whenever we feel wronged. Sometimes, we get upset by situations not going our way. Rather than exploding on someone when we feel wronged, we can take that energy and express it in more positive or constructive ways. Here are 10 ways in which you can express your anger constructively:

Martial Arts

Sign up for martial arts in your local area. There are a variety of martial arts: jiu jitsu, karate, and kung fu just to name a few. Look into what martial arts you like best through YouTube. Then, check out what is available where you live and try it out.

No money? You can also try learning through YouTube videos. Mimic the moves and start with beginner techniques. Then, work your way up to advanced martial arts moves.

Punching Bag

A punching bag is a good way to release stress and anger. Some people feel like they need to release their anger through a physical punch. Rather than hitting someone or punching a wall, using a punching bag is a great alternative.

Punching a punching bag can also help you release stress and tension in your body. Your body becomes stronger as you box around with a punching bag.


Running is a good way to get your energy out. You can run on a treadmill or elliptical. Otherwise, you can go running outside in your neighborhood or a local park.

You can either go to the gym or buy your own set of dumbbells for home use. Again, you can follow YouTube videos or you can experiment with your own ideas. You can purchase dumbbells through Amazon, or you can find a store in your area (such as Five Below). Be careful not to overexert yourself though.

Journalling or Blogging

Get yourself a journal or try blogging. Express your anger through writing. It’s a good way to get your feelings and emotions out. Try writing a letter to yourself or to the person that you’re angry with. If it’s a circumstance that is making you upset, try verbalizing your thoughts out on paper and see if there’s a possible solution.

Listening to Music

You can choose to listen to angry music, or maybe tune into something more positive to lift your spirits. Either way works. Some people believe that it’s not good to listen to aggressive songs, but it may help you to process your feelings better. Positive upbeat music is good because it helps divert your attention to something better. However, you want to make sure that you are learning from your anger and not just putting it off to the side.


You can release your aggression through dance. If you’re not sure how to dance, just try practicing in front of a mirror. Or, try enrolling in some local dance classes. You can find some discounts to classes such as through Groupon.


Singing or rapping is a good way to release stress and tension as well. You can sing loudly or go to karaoke with some friends. If you don’t have anyone to go to karaoke with, you can also look up karaoke videos on YouTube and follow along to the lyrics.

Songwriting or Poetry

This is similar to journalling, but in a different way. You can write your own songs or lyrics to get your feelings and emotions out. Poetry is a good way to explore yourself and your state of being. An added bonus is that once you finish writing a song or a poem, you can post it online or share it with others who may relate.

Creating Artwork

Try painting a picture. Or, color a picture through coloring books like mandalas. This is a soothing activity that can easy your mind. You can even try creative collages of the kind of life you wish you could have. Creating artwork is a good way to express your anger, but also divert it in a positive light.

Consumption vs. Creation

Are you or someone else you know a couch potato? There isn’t anything wrong with being a couch potato per se as a few of us enjoy that kind of lifestyle or just need some time to recover. However, if you want to change your lifestyle, there are a few approaches to break the habit of being a couch potato. It can take some willpower, dedication, and time to change yourself. That’s okay, so long as you make a conscious decision to change.

A couch potato is defined as someone who watches TV (or YouTube, or games a lot) and is lazy to get any form of physical activity. Personally, I do not watch much TV, though I do watch YouTube videos. However, I do not let YouTube consume my life. If you watch a fair amount of TV, YouTube, or engage a lot in video gaming, you may want to take a step back and examine what it is that you’re really doing.

Consumption vs. Creation

There are two approaches in life: consume or create. Examples of consuming include shopping and reading. Creating means you’re actively expressing your ideas such as through YouTube or through a blog. The more you create, the more you receive back. But some people get caught up in only consuming. They consume as much as they can, and they might have the luxury or comfort of doing that. But if you go overboard and do not take care of yourself, only consuming as much as you can (such as eating too much), you’ll have trouble reaching your highest potential.

Many people choose the consumption lifestyle because it is comfortable. Especially nowadays with the advancement of our technology, it can be easy to get caught up in materialism.

Creators know that by creating some form of value, they will receive something in return. And those who are masters at creating can make lots of money such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, and so on.

Is Consumption Really Bad?

Consumption is not necessarily bad. It just means that you are used to relying on other people for something in return. Creators know how to provide value.

Capitalism allows us to know who the true consumers and creators are. Consumers can sometimes drive themselves into debt. Creators know how to create positive cashflow.

If you’re interested in shifting your mindset into being a creator, you can check out my blog post on passive income. You can also try removing limiting beliefs through REBT (rational-emotive behavioral therapy).

Why You Should Consider Free Writing More

Free writing is a great way of expressing yourself and getting your thoughts out. It is when you write anything that comes to mind without looking back or editing. You try to write by allowing your stream of consciousness to flow smoothly in one direction.

Often times, writers get stuck or have writer’s block because they have difficulty getting their ideas onto paper. If you practice free writing daily, you can get your thoughts out more easily, and you will improve your writing skills. You can always look back and edit what you wrote if you are concerned about it not being perfect.

Personally, I choose to free write my blog posts. But, I have a slightly modified version of free writing. That is, if I notice a mistake right away, I fix it. And after I finish my blog post, I scan for minor spelling or grammar errors. Then, I hit the publish button on my WordPress blog post, and BAM! Magic blog post. (;

Free writing is not that difficult with practice. And it means that you just writing freely, no constraints, just get your ideas out on paper or on your computer. If you’re interested in getting a journal specifically for free writing, you can purchase one through Amazon.