Overcoming Mistakes and Failures

We tend to see life as linear, even though life does not exactly work that way. Sometimes, we are served a curved ball, and we are unsure about how to navigate that new curve. It tends to get even more confusing as several curves hit us at once through several points.

Failure is inevitable as we navigate life and try to resolve those patterns and new forces or directions. However as much as we’d love to avoid those failures, we can learn how to use it to our advantage. Learn from your mistakes and failures quickly, and you will land on the road to recovery. You will surely succeed if you keep going for whatever it is that you envision.

Many people give up too early, settling for mediocrity. That could mean settling for a job than pays less than your skills’ worth, settling for plain and flavorless relationships, or slacking off with your health (e.g. not being physically active or overeating). If you give up like this, you will lead somewhat of an unfulfilling life, not getting a chance to explore a more thrilling or exciting part of life; something that could truly lead you to the path of not only success, but happiness.

As Chris Bradford once said, “There is no failure except in no longer trying.” If you are patient and persistent, eventually, you are bound to succeed. You can always change direction as needed and learn quickly, adapting to each curve aimed at your way.

Some people think that people who acquire riches or who have optimal health are just lucky. Rather than learning from them, they harbor resentment or envy. It’s best to use those people as sources of inspiration rather than succumbing to negativity and more self-hatred. Whatever you project onto other people speaks volumes about yourself. So why not just try to find these role models or people who you look up to and use them as motivation?

If it is difficult to face your failures or mistakes, perhaps you should reach out to others for help. Or, give yourself a break from the failure until you’re ready to face it head-on. Otherwise, you can try to break down the failure into multiple steps and figure you’re way around it. Within every failure, there is bound to be some sort of opportunity waiting to be unraveled.

Personally for myself, I look up to people like Steve Jobs and Will Smith. I admire them for chasing after their dreams and working hard to get to a high level of achievement during their careers. I know that they had to fail multiple times before reaching the level of success that they’ve both attained. Not everyone is quite ready for that path, but you can take steps to gradually shift into those higher levels of success. First, overcome the small failures, and then tackle the bigger levels of failures or mistakes. Take it a step at a time, and you are bound to succeed.

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