How to Stand Up for Yourself

You are responsible for your own life. That means that whatever happens to you, you have to be there for yourself. This can be a hard concept for some people because they’ve felt like they’ve been bullied or told what to do many times. But, you have to realize that no one can be there 100% except for yourself.

When someone makes snide remarks about me, I choose to ignore it and find other people to engage with. This can be difficult to do if it is people in your own living situation (e.g. your parents, your spouse, your siblings, your roommates, etc.) who are bringing you down. But every day, if you stand up for yourself and your values, these people will change and maybe even support you once they understand the wrong that they are doing.

As a vegan, I am always faced with questions from other people who do not approve of my vegan lifestyle. I choose it because it is the more ethical and healthy path for me. And when people question my food choices, I just say, “Hey, this is my life. I choose to be vegan. If you want to eat something else, go ahead. But, this is how I choose to live my life.”

Another criticism I receive is not settling for a job and choosing to go the entrepreneurial path. To those people stuck in the scarcity mindset of money, thinking that a job is the only way out, I let them know, “Hey, I’m taking care of my own finances. What is it to you?”

You can always stand up for yourself using your own power through your own words. Of course, you don’t always have to be rude about it. You can simply let the other person know that you are living the life you choose to live, and that it’s none of their concern about how you choose to live.

It’s a little trickier if you live with family. They might be trying to help, but they might not know the best way to help. So, you have to be confident in whatever path you choose to follow.

You can also use some humor to deflect back the negative criticism. My mother used to always tell me that I should get married. I’m nowhere near ready to get married, and I get tired of hearing her say that. But all I do is joke around with a smile and say, “Married? What is that? I’m never getting married.” That usually gets her to stay questioning me about my relationship status, haha. 😀

Often times, it’s best to avoid arguments. If you’re living with people who are expecting you to get a job when you’d prefer to start a business, it may be a good idea to move out. Or, find a job temporarily and save up before moving out. It’s up to you. It can be a bit scary to become independent, but that is part of taking charge of your life and being there for yourself. (;

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