Which Path Do You Choose?

There are many different paths that you can tread on in life. Some paths are predictable. Other paths are full of mystery and adventure. Then, there are other paths that lead us to a life of destruction. The best paths are the ones that make you feel aligned and present in the now.

We don’t always go down the path that is best suited for us. Our identities and values guide us down certain paths. Sometimes, we tread on paths that clash against our values and ideas. But, that is okay. In every path, there is a hidden lesson. There is something we can learn from every path.

One shortcut to learning is through observing what others do while treading on various paths. When we meet new people or read books, we can learn about what kind of life it would be if we went forth on certain directions. And, we can avoid paths that do not align with our beliefs or our values.

I choose to tread on the path of abundance. Abundance means taking care of my health, being mindful, being genuine, and learning how to be independent. I pursue activities that make me feel whole and complete. On this path, I choose to love myself while expressing my love outwardly for others. I try my best to be conscientious of how others feel or respond. I commit to doing better every single day.

The path you may choose can be different, and that is okay too. Your path may be to be a minimalist. Or, you may choose the path of negativity. There is no right or wrong path. It just means that you’ve decided what is most important to you, and that you base your lifestyle and mindset around it.

Whatever path we are on speaks volumes about ourselves. Sometimes, the path was chosen for us (from our parents, from society, etc.). And other times, we choose to tread on a path that is not aligned with us. If you are feeling unsatisfied with the path you’ve chosen, maybe it’s time to reexamine your thoughts and your feelings. Figure out why you chose that path, and find the courage to pursue a more fulfilling path. This may require you to make a drastic change such as quitting your job and pursuing a business. Of course, you want to make sure that you transition smoothly as to not disrupt your life too drastically. Just remember, the power is in your hands. Whatever you choose to focus on is okay, so long as it is building your character up.

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