Why You Should Consider Free Writing More

Free writing is a great way of expressing yourself and getting your thoughts out. It is when you write anything that comes to mind without looking back or editing. You try to write by allowing your stream of consciousness to flow smoothly in one direction.

Often times, writers get stuck or have writer’s block because they have difficulty getting their ideas onto paper. If you practice free writing daily, you can get your thoughts out more easily, and you will improve your writing skills. You can always look back and edit what you wrote if you are concerned about it not being perfect.

Personally, I choose to free write my blog posts. But, I have a slightly modified version of free writing. That is, if I notice a mistake right away, I fix it. And after I finish my blog post, I scan for minor spelling or grammar errors. Then, I hit the publish button on my WordPress blog post, and BAM! Magic blog post. (;

Free writing is not that difficult with practice. And it means that you just writing freely, no constraints, just get your ideas out on paper or on your computer. If you’re interested in getting a journal specifically for free writing, you can purchase one through Amazon.

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