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Are you curious to know more about the digital nomad lifestyle? Digital nomads are people who use technology to work and are independent in terms of location. How can you live the digital nomad lifestyle? It’s not necessarily easy to first start, but once you dabble into different ideas, it can become natural and feel rewarding.

Nowadays with the advancement of technology, it’s quite easy to live the digital nomad lifestyle. All you need is a laptop and/or phone.

For those who want to travel but want some stability, you can have a modified digital nomad lifestyle by renting or owning a property.

Is Digital Nomad Lifestyle a Good Decision for Me?

You should think carefully before embarking on the digital nomad lifestyle. It requires some self-discipline in terms of making sure that your finances are in order. You are your own boss. You have to figure out how to make money online on your own or through some guidance.

Digital nomads have many different ways of making money. For example, they can pursue passive income, or they can freelance. Some digital nomads create courses and garner most of their money through that.

Digital nomad lifestyle also requires a minimalist mindset. That is, you buy only your essential needs (i.e. some clothes, a few shoes, toothbrush, etc.) without spending lavishly.

If you want the digital lifestyle, but with some security, you can maybe rent out part of a storage facility, or you can rent out an apartment. You can also swap places to rent with other people or friends that want to travel.

Some digital nomads rely on coach surfing while in return, offering services such as cleaning up or giving lessons (such as teaching English in exchange for room and board in Thailand). You have to be careful about who you coach surf with. Females may feel safer coach surfing with other females, and vice versa for males.

If you want to become a digital nomad, you must ask yourself if you are ready to be your own boss. You have to play by your own rules. And, you have to take full responsibility for yourself.

It’s not that hard once you dabble into working for yourself, or finding ways to provide value online. The ways in which I pursue passive income (so that I can travel freely later) is by these avenues: eBook publishing, blogging, and uploading YouTube videos. I’m thinking about designing my own merchandise too and selling it only through services such as Shopify.

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